Configuration of Google App For your Domain Email At Our Server ?

Please follow the below steps for configuring the Google Apps

Creating a Google Apps Account for a domain hosted at our server

Step 1: Go To and sign up for an account.
Step 2: Setup Domain Details [Name,Organization,Users etc...]
Step 3: Input your domain name and click "Get Started"
Step 4: You need to Verify your domain.For this you have 2 options

A] Upload an HTML file to your
B] Change your CNAME record

Check the second option and click Continue

Step 5: Google will give you a Cname record code in the next window,Copy It.
Step 6: Sign in to your hosting account and Go to Total DNS Control Panel and Click on "Add New CNAME Record". Just enter the details like in the figure. Alias name is nothing but the code you just copied in the previous window.
Now,click on "I've Completed the Steps above" in Google Apps Page. Now Your domain is verified.

Step 7: Next, we should activate the email services.For this,you should change the MX Records [Mail Exchangers] in your hosting. Follow the below steps

A] Log in to your plesk account
B] Go to -> Domains tab -> My Domain Names
C] Click the domain that you would like to use with Google Apps.
D] Click the entry titled Total DNS Control And MX Records. The Manage MX Records, and DNS Zone File panel will appear.
E] Clear all existing MX Records by clicking Delete and confirm.
F] Once you've deleted all existing records, click "Add New MX Record". The MX (Mail Exchangers) Record Wizard will appear.
G] For each MX Record, enter information according to the data in the table below:
Be sure to include the trailing dot at the end of each record.

These below MX record for Plesk Panel
Priority Value | Host Name | Goes To Address (Mail Server) |

Below MX record for cPanel and our website panel
Priority    Mail server
1             ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
5             ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
5             ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

H] Enter all the above details simultaneously.
After Completing the above steps,Click on Activate Email.
You can change the Mail Login page URL
For Example : or or

For this please login to the admin user id and password for your google apps
Under the Admin dashboard please click on Settings
Under Settings please click on  Email
Here you can find the option to change the URL
Please fill with mail/webmail/email or whatever you want to put here
After completion you will need to set CNAME record for your DNS with
the same name and point to

Congrats, Now You have your own email service like Gmail with your own domain extension.
Note: It takes up to 48 Hours for the email service to be activated [usually it takes less than 24 hours]

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