How to configure auto responder through plesk panel ?

Please find the below steps for enabling the auto responder through plesk panel
1. Log into the Plesk control panel and click the domain name you wish to manage.
2. Click the Mail icon.
3. Click the e-mail address for which you wish to set up an automatic reply.
4. Click the Auto responders icon in the Tools group.
5. Click the Add New Auto responder icon in the Tools group.
7. Configure the automatic reply:
a. Type a name for this automatic reply into the Auto responder name box. For example, Vacation notice.

b. If you want your incoming mail to be forwarded to another e-mail address while you are away, specify an e-mail address in the Upon automatic response, forward the original message to the specified e-mail box.

c. If you want this automatic reply to be sent in reply to any incoming e-mail message, in the Conditions group, leave the always respond option selected. If you wish to automatically reply only to e-mail messages that contain specific words in the message text or subject line, select the appropriate option, and type the word combination in the input box.

d. By default, the subject line of incoming e-mail will be inserted into the automated reply. To use a custom subject, type it into the Reply subject input box.

e. As your correspondents may not figure out that the message they received from you was an automatic response, they may want to respond to your auto-reply. So, you should specify your e-mail address as the Return address, otherwise, their messages will be directed at the autoresponder's address.

f. Specify the automatic reply message format (plain text or HTML) and character encoding (UTF-8 is recommended). If you use HTML tags in your auto-reply message, you should select the HTML option.

g. Type your message in the Reply with text field.

h. To limit the number of automated responses per day to the same e-mail address, enter the desired number in the respective input box under Limits. The default setting is to respond no more than ten times in one day to the same e-mail address.

i. To reduce mail server load, you may want to limit the number of unique addresses that the auto responder will remember. To do this, enter the desired number into the Store up to box.

8. Click OK.

9. Switch On the autoresponder

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